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Franco Pattini

Biography by Gianpaolo Gregori and Amos Aimi

Soresina (Cr) 21.11.1936 - Cremona 1.6.2008

He studied theology in the seminary of Cremona and was ordained priest on  May, 27 1961. In 1970 he took his degree in arts by the University of Sacred Heart in Milan. He was teacher of arts by the Episcopal seminary and vicar cooperator in the parish of San Michele Vecchio in Cremona from 1964 to 1976, where he was also assistant of the Scout Group.
He was diocesan vice-assistant of young people of Catholic Action from 1976 to 1982 when he was nominated rector of the seminary by bishop Fiorino Tagliaferri.
He was appointed bishop of Fidenza by Pope John Paul II on  April,  2 1998 and was consecrated on May, 2  in the Cathedral of Cremona by Mons. Giulio Nicolini, bishop of Cremona and at the presence of 12 bishops, among them: Giuseppe Amari, distinguished bishop of Cremona and Verona, Fiorino Tagliaferri, distinguished bishop of Cremona and Viterbo, Benito Cocchi metropolitan archbishop of Modena and Nonantola, Cesare Bonicelli, bishop of Parma and Mario Zanchin distinguished bishop of Fidenza.
He has taken possession of his diocese on  June, 7 1998.
During his 9 years as governor of the Diocesis of Fidenza, which he entered on the 7th June 1998, he ordained 4 new diocesan priests and several permanent deacons. He displayed an understanding and caring attitude by the plainness of his life and by the personal relationship with people, a relationship he always strived to achieve.
It must be remembered, among other things, the numerous enterprises promoted and sustained by the Bishop.
In 1999  (between 31st January and 26th September) he Centenary of the Diocesan Weekly “ Il Risveglio”. The inauguration of the New Museum of the Cathedral (later Diocesan Museum with the approval of its constitution), which he dedicated firm attention to, and the opening of the Diocesan Jubilee Year on 24th December.
The year 2001, after the end of the Great Jubilee of 2000 (6thJanuary) has to be remembered for the IVth Century of the Diocesis Institution, while the 2002 was the year of his pastoral Visit to the Parishes of the Diocesis.
The most relevant event of 2003 was the agreement with the Bishops of Parma and Piacenza about the new settlement of the borders of the three Diocesis. The parish of Cella of  Noceto and Varano Marchesi passed under the control of the Diocesis of Parma, the parishes of Mercore and Bersano were given to the Diocesis of Piacenza, while the Diocesis of Fidenza had the parish of San Vitale in Salsomaggiore (Which solved the division of the town in two Diocesis), and the parishes of Aione, Besozzola, Cangelasio, Careno, Grotta, Iggio, Mariano, Rigollo, San Nazaro d’Ongina, Scipione, Varone.
In 2004 the concession of the old church of Saint Anthony Abbot (once parish of S. Faustino e Giovita) to the community of the Orthodox Romanian Church  had a national relevance. The 8th December of the same year in the cathedral of Fidenza, he opened the celebrations for the National Eucharistic Year.
In 2005 he presented the restoration work of the Church of  the Martyr St. George, appointed to cultural activities and the first exhibition “ St Donnino and his Cathedral. The birth of Borgo” (April - June 2006). In the same year the began the canonisation law-suit of the Servants of God: Mons. Francesco Giberti Bishop of Fidenza, and the laywoman Agostina Belli.
The year ends the  opening of 5 little flats for the rejoining of foreign families.
In 2007 he did the visit “ ad limina Petri” with all the Bishops of Emilia Romagna, and some months later he was persuaded by the Apostolic Italian Nunciature to leave the control of the dioceses before the end of his commission.
Obedient, he left his dioceses on the 30th June, after his last celebration in the Cathedral, crowded by the laymen who greeted him with love and regret, and he retired in Cremona.
That November he had a delicate operation at the brain for the removal of a cancerous tumor.
He died at 8.15 a.m. on the 1st June in the Clinic of Charity Maids in Cremona and his body lies in the Bishops tomb in the Cathedral in Fidenza.


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