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Coats of arms designed by
Franco Pattini

Biography by Gianpaolo Gregori and Amos Aimi

Piacenza 19.8.1923 - Fidenza 7.9.1997

Ordained priest on  June,16 1946, he took his Canonical Law degree by the Pontifical Lateran University. He was Episcopal chancellor from 1962 and parish of s: Antonino of Piacenza from 1982 to 1984. He was General Vicar of the Diocese of Piacenza from 1984 to 1988, when on august, 13  he was appointed bishop of Fidenza and consecrated in the cathedral of Piacenza on  September, 17 by his brother Mons Luigi Poggi, Apostolic Delegate of the Vatican See. On  October, 16 he made his solemn entrance in Fidenza .

In 1997 he celebrated the XVII Centenary of Patron san Donnino's Martyrdom , receiving the visit of Pope John Paul II: His body was buried in the crypt of the cathedral.


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