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Coats of arms designed by
Franco Pattini

Biography by Gianpaolo Gregori and Amos Aimi

Venezia 4.9.1887 – Senigallia 13.8.1955

Son of modest Venetian traders, he frequented the primary school by the parish of the Holy Virgin of Frari. Then he frequented the gymnasium at the Institute of Fathers Canavis and 17, he entered the Collegium Tarcisianum, where he ended his studies of theology too. He was ordained priest in 1911 by the patriarch , cardinal Cavallari, whose once had been “ teacher of room”. He maintained this task and was a named secretary of Diocesan Giunta and spiritual director of the Patronato Leone XIII in the populous quarter of Castello. In 1913 he was given the task of teaching of religion in the seminary and started the courses of Canon Right by the Pontifical Law Faculty where he took his degree in 1916. Cardinale

La Fontaine, successor of Cardinale Cavallari, confirmed him in the previous tasks assigning him the parish of Saint Steven. During the Gtreat War he was chaplain of the Royal Navy and at his coming back he was charged of the reorganisation of the youth movement and of other catholic Venetian associations. He worked strongly for Scout Association and managed to spread it all over the county of Veneto. In 1919 dispensed from teaching in seminary, he was appointed vice-Chancellor of the patriarchal curia , two years later was named chancellor and in 1926 he entered the Patriarchal Chapter. In 1927 he was sent to the parish of Mestre, just annexed to the diocese of Venise. Then he was appointed bishop of Fidenza in 1931, consecrated in San Marco a Venise by the Patriarch on 10 May and took possession of his See on 6 Juin. Immediately he took care of the Episcopal seminar, renewed the school rooms , the teachers’ flats and founded the chair of figurative art.

He built a house for nuns serving in the seminary and in 1936 had a new chapel built. In 1932 he started the first of three pastoral visits, he stimulated the Azione Cattolica Association, promoted three Eucharistic Congresses , a diocesan pilgrimage to Rome and several pilgrimages to Marian Diocesan sanctuaries . He supported the diocesan weekly and was very fond of décor of sacred buildings and of taking correct place of sacred services.

He established the diocesan Commission for the Sacred Arts and gave the cathedral and the seminary many vestments and precious furnishings. He launched a fund-raising campaign of precious metals for the new silver urn of San Donnino's relics, realized in 1931 by Piero Taviani. In 1943 he was transferred to Archiepiscopal See of Perugia.


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