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Coats of arms designed by
Franco Pattini

Biography by Gianpaolo Gregori and Amos Aimi

Breganze (Vi) 25.9.1824 – Borgo San Donnino 8.7.1902

Son of Anthony and Carlotta De Boni, he completed the elementary studies in a college of his town and 14 he entered the seminary of Vicenza. He was ordained priest in 1847 by bishop Cappellari, who called him for teaching in the seminary, and then he became director and rector. In 1873 Domenico Maria Villa, new bishop of Parma, wanted him at his service and gave him the chair of sacred eloquence , canonical right and rational philosophy in the Episcopal seminary. In his staying in the town of Farnese was hard-working aide in all the activities promoted by the bishop ( diocesan synod, philosophical Academy of Saint Thomas, the diocesan weekly: “Il Veridico”, Azione Cattolica).

 In 1886 Pope Leone XIII appointed him bishop of Borgo San Donnino,then he was consecrated in Rome by Cardinal Monaco-Lavetta and entered the diocese on 30January 1887. During his episcopate he spread his best attention to the seminary, putting actions into increasing his frequency , finding solutions to the economical problems of this Institution , through the participation of all the diocese, and recrewing new professors. He made two pastoral visits.

He founded the diocesan weekly newspaper “Il Risveglio” ,gave new impulse to Associazione Cattolica and promoted the sacred missions, with preaching in the cathedral and in the parish of the town and diocese. In 1893 on the occasion of XVI centenary of San Donnino's Martyrdom, he proclaimed great feast, which the Patriarch of Venice future Pope Pius X Giuseppe Sarto was present at, and replaced the patron’s relics in a new bronze arch. At his 50th anniversary of priesthood in 1897, his pupil cardinal Andrea Ferrari and his predecessors Guindani e Manicardi were present in the cathedral. He was buried in the chapter chapel in the urban cemetery and the his body was transferred in the crypt of the cathedral.


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