Borgo San Donnino's Diocesis
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Borgo San Donnino's Diocesis
The Diocesis of BorgoSan Donnino( VIII TH – 1601)
by Gianpaolo Gregori

VIIIth century – Charlemagne gives the Royal Court of Fornio to the Church of San Donnino
IX th c. - Pope Alessandro II , Anselmo da Baggio, former bishop of Lucca (1061-1073) Grands (or confirms)the privilege of the Font to the church of San Donnino.
1162 - Emperor Federico Barbarossa declares that the Church of San Donnino belongs to the Empire, confirming Charlemagne ‘s donation
1196 - Pope Celestino III takes back the church under the pontifical jurisdiction, establishing that the nomination of the archpriest must be done by the Capital without the control of the bishop of Parma.
1221 – Federico II takes Borgo San Donnino under his protection and renews its authonomy from Parma.
1466-1473 Pope Eugenio IV and Pope Sisto IV declare the Church of San Donnino “ di nessuna diocesi” 1548 – Carlo V divides Borgo San Donnino from Parma 1553 – Pope Giulio III recognizes the head priest of San Donnino indipendent from the bishop of Parma
1584 Carlo V divides B.go S.Donnino to Parma
1601 – 12th february Pope Clemente VIII institutes the Diocese of Borgo San Donnino, for interess of Ranuccio I Farnese duke of Parma and Piacenza. The village becomes a town and the sanctuary of his patron becomes a Cathedral. The “ villas” at South of the River Po under the jurisdiction of the Duke of Parma, like Busseto : Monticelli d’Ongina, Polesine and Zibello are jointed to the new diocese which includes five fortified towns , fourty “villas” , 35000 inhabitants . From XI th Century to nowadays the Church of Fidenza has had 39 headpriest and 32 bishops.

From XIth Century to nowadays the Church of Fidenza has had 39 headpriest and 32 bishops.

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