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San Donnino Martyr

San Donnino History
San Donnino Martyr

The roman martyrology remembers SanDonnino Martyr of Fidenza on 9th october,under the Emperor Massimiano.The Church of Fidenza has conventionally fixed the year of the martyrodom in 293a.C. celebrating solemnly the centenary recurrences. As we can see in various “ Passion” and on the wonderful bas-reliefs of the façade which contains the holy relics, the tradiction says that he was the “ Cubicularious “ namely the official which ruled the goods of the Imperial Chamber and also had to guard and put the diadom or the imperial crown on the head of the Emperor ( he was venerated as a god) during the great cerimonies. Donnino was a christian and he did not want to deny his faith. He left his important and safe task and with some christian friends he tried to reach Rome. Pursued by emperor’s hitmen. He was caught up at the door of Fidenza, on the banks of torrente Stirone and here he was beheaded. The religious freedom, given to the Christians by Costantino’s bill, would have allowed the local comunity to build a first, little church on the tomb of the martyr following that time schema. Afterwards, in the same place, other sacred constructions where erected till the existing wonderful cathedral ( XII- XIII cent) in reply to the necessity of devotion of inhabitants of Fidenza towards their patron, and the exigence of care of the relics of the martyr. As showed by different artistic representations,the popular pity handed down the saint’s martyrodom linking to him prodigious events, expressive examples of San Donnino’s love for his believers, enough to make him a thaumaturgic Saint, venerated in many calamities. We like remebering the deep and lapidary phrase of San Agostino : “Martyrem dixisti, satis predicasti  (you have told he was a martyr. I need not to add anything else) San Donnino of Fidenza is venerated in over than 150 places in Italy and abroad.


Text by A. Gervasoni, San Donnino Martire Patrono della città e diocesi di Fidenza, in «Il Museo del Duomo. Museo Diocesano di Fidenza», Parma, MUP, 2003

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