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The Population
The Origin,the Bronze Age, the Etruscan Age

Fidenza ( Borgo San Donnino till 1927)is in the center of a territory which was populated far from the first half of VI th least. The great quantities of little hatchets and the sattlements of Ponte Ghiara, i Muroni di Sanguinaro, Ronchi di Castelguelfo e Paroletta di Fontanellato can be connected to the neolitical facies of the square mouth vase”
During the Bronze Age the first real event of enviromental impact of relevance was the close net of terramara settlements with great works of deforestation and optimisation of the regime Castione Marchesi, Cabriolo, Colombare di Bersano, Soragna, Casaroldo di Samboseto, Castellazzo di Fontanellato.

During the protohistory, the Etruscan expansion in Padana Valley was probably caused by the presence of “salsobromoiodiche waters” as it can be deduced by the distribution of the settlements of Case Nuove di Siccomonte, Ca' Vecchia Cabriola, Ca' il Pirlone, Vaio, Bastelli ." The expansion reached these piedmont marginal areas which by consequence were a meeting point for different people.

Text by. M. Catarsi Dall'Aglio, Da Fidentia a Castrum Burgi Sancti Domnini, in: «Il Museo del Duomo. Museo Diocesano di Fidenza», Parma, MUP, 2003.

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