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The Collections
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All the objects given in care to the Museum can not be defined as a collection, because this ensemble has not and doesn’t aim at having the caracteristics of entirety. Instead it is infact what remains of many different thing, made in different ages and used in different functions. So it can be said a collection sets up by the case and by the time. It can be divided in 4 groups:
1st it is composed by objects dating back to the first six centurie after the year 1000, which formed the Old treasure of San Donnino.
The inventaries of the Church written till the beginning of XVIth cent.give fragmentary memory of its assets.
2nd It is the more consistent section and these objects form the real Treasure of San Donnino.They were made after the establishment of the Church as Diocesan Cathedral ( 1601)
3rd It is formed by the objects coming from the churches and the parrishes of the Diocesis, generally paintings and sumptuary goods.
4th In this section can be collected all the legacies for the Diocesis, the objects of the past Bishops or given to the Museum after its institution. These objects forming the collections are registered in particular sections, divided for typology.

The same typologies are included in this site and are available on-line for scholars’facilities and everyone interested in.


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