The visit to the Museum
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The visit to the Museum

The room of the Treasure

the Northern Matroneum
the Northern Matroneum

Back to the entrance, the visitor can ask to be accompained to the Northern Matroneum.The access is inside the Church through the old winding staircase of Folletto Tower. Near the 2nd coil through a door a neoclassical room is visible. Till 1944 it was the Bishop’s Chapel, dedicated to the Sacred Heart and it was built by Bishop Garimberti (+ 1813),
whose device can be seen over the opening of the gallery,actually closed, which permitted to look at the Holy Sacrament altar. Till the rebuilding of the great arch of the left portale which required the closing of the Chapel,everyone who visited the chapel during the feast of The Holy Heart could obtain the plenary indulgence granted by Pio VI when he passed in Fidenza in 1799.

The access to Matroneum is through a little door opened on the contro-façade. Immediatly the visitor’s attention is captured by the sequence of arches, round and ogival. In the center of the first span there is the Middle Age coffer where the Chapter of San Donnino kept the privileges and property parchements of the Church. On the back the antique capitals and the little columns of the 1st mullioned window with four light.

Continuing under the arcades , the visitor can appreciate some of the wooden sets of the church: the Reliquary Busts – XVIIth cent.used during the Saints’ feasts;

the series of altar sets( candlesticks, crosses and tabernacles XVII-XIX centuries)the processional baroque throne of “the Madonna del Carmine”statue; the wooden antepelium -XIXcent-hanged on the backwall. IN the rooms obtained by the closing of the last arcades, are shown: the Renaissance frame of the fresco “the Lady of the snow”which is on the right pillar of the Cathedral, and some frescoes of Saint George’s Oratory. In the last room,the great organ built in 1910 by Tamburini of Crema ( CR) whose old manual movement bellows are shown.


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