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The visit to the Museum

The room of the Treasure

the Northern Matroneum
The room of the Treasure

The oldest pieces, which form a seeming heterogeneous core of objects linked to the patron Saint ‘s veneration or to the ornament of his sanctuary are in fact archeological finds and architectural relics, church ornaments and stone sculptures, paintings and liturgical objects. They cover a period of about six centuries , from XI th to XVIth centuries. Among them : “ the Madonna enthroned with child” a full relief stone sculpture carved by Benedetto Antelami ( end of XIIth cent.) the greatest masterpiece of the Cathedral.

The Romanesque Font – half of XIIth cent.

San Donnino’s chalice - XII th – XIIIth centuries

The Ampulla in Dove shape –XIIth -XIIIth centuries

They testify the relevance of San Donnino Church in the first three centuries after the year 1000.
The ivory carverd shrine ( XIVthcent.) and on of the Renaissance “pace” remember the devotion given to San Donnino by the Lords and the Community of Borgo San Donnino. In the windows great part of objects, realized after the establishment of the Church to diocese Cathedral (1601), are exposed.

It is an important collection of liturgical ornaments and objects in metal, artistically made up, and among them are worthy of note:

1) the serie of silver lanterns, once hanged in the church ( XVIIth cent)
2) the silver service of the main altar realized during the presence of Bishop Girolamo Baiardi
3) the rayed monstrance (XVIIIth cent) was gifted to the church by Enrichetta d’Este, duchess of Parma
Around the treasure, on the wall several paintins coming from the Church and the Bishop’s Palace, and among them it is important to note: the beautiful study for an altar-piece about Apostle Andrew’s martyrodom by the painter G.Cenatiempo (beginning XVIIIth cent) and the Sacred Heart by the painter G.Gandolfi from Bologna.

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