The visit to the Museum
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The visit to the Museum

The room of the Treasure

the Northern Matroneum

At the mezzanine, the visitor enters in strict relationship with the Cathedral through the great wooden lectern of the choir, new gothic work of XIXth Cent., and some portaits of Popes linked to Borgo San Donnino History:Innocenzo  IX (1591), member of the Chapter of San Donnino Church and priest of the parish of Siccomonte while he was also Governor of Parma.

Pio VI (1775 - 1799)guest of A. Garimberti bishop in his palace the night, on Aprile 14/15 1799, while he was transferred in France as prisoner, where he died a little time later in Valence fortresse.

In thi hall two great panels present :
1- the figure of San Donnino, the Patron, through the reproducions of the bas-reliefs of the fašade of the Cathedral.
2- The treasure of the Cathedral exposed in the two next halls


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