The visit to the Museum
The Collections

The reception is at the entrance of the Museum for information, guided tours, reservation for groups and schools,shop where it is possible to find and buy a specific bibliography about goods and history of the diocesan territory and Via Francigena. Near the reception a little hall collects some paintings from XVI th to XIXth Centuries which somehow summarise the story of local devotions in different parish comunities of the town and dioceses , and the artistic clients too.

Among the others, the most important paintigs are:

“ The Assumption of the Virgin” by Giulio Campi, and “Our Lady of Assumption with Saint Rocco and the Client” by Vincenzo Campi, and “The Deposition” which represents the well known Renaissance school in Cremona.

“ The Deposition of Jesus” and “ Giuda’s kiss” of Genoese school of XVIth cent.

“The ex-voto of “The Holy Virgin of Carmine’s Myracle” (1648) testifying the diffusion of Carmelitan devotion in Fidenza district.The portrait of” Saint Anselm of Canterbury” and “Apparition of the Virgin of Pilar to Saint James and his adherents” ( both XVII th C.) attest the presence in Borgo San Donnino of different devotions born along the pilgrimages routes.


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